Sonic: Prime Sends the Hedgehog Out to the Multiverse

Sonic: Prime Sends the Hedgehog Out to the Multiverse

Following the first, mysterious teaser for the new Netflix-produced new Sonic show, the streaming service has finally released a second trailer, and this one does a much better job at letting us know what exactly is in store for our fleet-footed hedgehog friend — the multiverse.

As Dr. Eggman shatters the Prime Crytal, he sends Sonic — and all his friends — into different parts of the multiverse. It’s not clear if Sonic lands in an apocalyptic, ultra-urbanized future that’s led by the evil Eggman or if he finds himself in another world entirely, but it’s clear that whatever is happening here is Not Great, actually.

Sonic must navigate the Shatterverse as he attempts to find his friends, defeat the badnik robots, and enlist a new group of allies in order to save the world from the machinations of Eggman. The 24-episode series will star Deven Christian Mack as Sonic, Ashleigh Ball as Tails, Brian Drummond as Dr. Eggman, and Adam Nurada as Knuckles the Echidna.

Sonic: Prime will be available to stream December 15 on Netflix.

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