Tesla’s ATV for Kids Recalled After 36-Year-Old Adult Tips the Toy Vehicle Over

Tesla’s ATV for Kids Recalled After 36-Year-Old Adult Tips the Toy Vehicle Over

A Tesla Cyberquad modelled for children was recalled after the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) decided the toy vehicle did not meet safety standards.

The CPSC issued the recall on Thursday, stating that the Cyberquad “fails to comply with the federal mandatory safety standard requirements for youth ATVs.” The Cyberquad also did not have a “CPSC-approved ATV action plan,” which includes safety requirements and measures, and is required to “manufacture, import, sell, or distribute ATVs.”

In the report, the CPSC cited a single incident involving the Cyberquad where the ATV tipped over when ridden by an 8-year-old child, as well as a 36-year-old woman, resulting in the woman sustaining a bruise on her shoulder (the toy car is designed for kids aged 8-12). As a result, the agency decided to recall 5,000 units of the Cyberquad, and advised any consumers already in possession of the toy to collect a full refund.

The Tesla Cyberquad for kids was manufactured by Radio Flyer, a toy company best known for the classic red wagon. The company makes other Tesla-inspired products like a customisable Tesla Model S, and a smaller Model Y. Tesla consults on the design of the products, but isn’t involved in the actual manufacturing process.

The Cyberquad sold for $US1,900 ($2,638), and it included a full steel frame, and cushioned seats. It was powered by a lithium-ion battery, and could go up to a speed of 16 km per hour with up to 15 miles of range.

Meanwhile, Tesla products made for adults also suffered a recent recall. Over 24,000 Model 3 cars were recently flagged for seatbelts that may be unable to secure properly.

Those who own a Tesla Cyberquad can dismember the toy car by removing the motor controller and mailing it to Radio Flyer in order to claim their refund. But owners of adult Teslas shouldn’t go to such drastic heights just yet as the company is planning a “pop-up service” to fix the malfunction.

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