This Eerie Horror Short Discovers There’s Something in the Silence

This Eerie Horror Short Discovers There’s Something in the Silence

In horror, it’s often the most simple premise that makes for the most potent frights. That’s definitely the case for short film There’s Something in the Silence, about a woman who suspects her new hearing aids might be tuned into a supernatural frequency.

Even more impressive, the short was filmed during the pandemic by writer-director-editor and sound designer Mike Castro, with his wife, Chelsea Camp, playing the lead (and a cameo from their cat). Check it out!

Here’s what Castro told Gizmodo about There’s Something in the Silence: “It was a pandemic, one-man-band short where I wore all the production hats while casting my fiancé (now wife) in our tiny NYC apartment. The only other actor was Laura Frenzer, who Zoomed in for the filming of her scene. I had the idea for the feature version of this concept for a year or so — and then the pandemic gave me the perfect excuse to shoot this short as a proof-of-concept.”

After finding great success on the festival circuit with the short — it screened at an impressive 38 different fests! — Castro is currently planning a feature version of There’s Something in the Silence.

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