Berserk’s Original Anime is Coming to Netflix

Berserk’s Original Anime is Coming to Netflix

It’s been 18 since months since the death of Kentaro Miura, creator of the best-selling manga Berserk. In the time since his passing, the Young Animal manga responsible for publishing the high fantasy series has confirmed that it’ll live on past the recently released Volume 41. Mirua’s close friend Kouji Mori, who’s said to have been told by Miura about where everything was going, began his run on the manga this past June. And it appears that beyond Mori, Berserk is gearing up to come back in a big way following its original creator’s passing.

Come December 1, the first Berserk anime will be making its way to Netflix. That original series, from animation studio OLM (Oriental Light & Magic) and directed by Naohito Takahashi), released in 1997 and focused on the origin story for protagonist Guts and his time as a mercenary under the leadership of Griffith. Across 25 episodes, the series covered the manga’s first (the “Black Swordsman” and “Golden Age” arcs). During its heyday, it was quite well-received and helped drive audiences towards the manga, in turn leading to the creation of another anime series in 2016, along with a film trilogy adaptation of the “Golden Age” arc beginning in 2012.

While the original anime was released on DVD and Blu-Ray in the years since its original airing, it also may not be easy to find these days, especially after Miura’s death. It showing up on Netflix will be good for those who want to see how far the series has come, anime-wise, and also raises some questions about the franchise’s anime future. Since October, the website for the Berserk anime has been counting down to something, with the end date being mid-December.

Is it a full-blown adaptation of the manga from start to present, or a new set of films? We’ll find out in a little under a month.

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