Diego Luna Says Andor Season 2 Will Change Your Feelings About Rogue One

Diego Luna Says Andor Season 2 Will Change Your Feelings About Rogue One

From Jyn Erso and Chirrut Imwe to Director Krennic and Bor Gullet, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is chock full of incredible characters. But only one of those characters (so far) has their very own spinoff series, and the actor behind him thinks upcoming episodes will change how you feel about the movie.

We’re talking, of course, about Diego Luna as Cassian Andor, who is at the centre of Disney+’s Andor. Season one of the show just ended and it tracked how a lost, but willful person can be completely reprogrammed by the world around him and called to revolution. Season two of the show just began filming with an eye on a likely 2024 release — and, in the meantime, Luna talked about how those upcoming episodes might bring new context to the movie that will follow in their footsteps.

“That suicide mission in Rogue One, that’s for her,” Luna told Collider. “That’s for Maarva, that’s for his people, for his community. I love the arc that Tony [Gilroy] has built, and the arc ends in Rogue One, not in season two. I think it’s going to be quite amazing to watch Rogue One after you see season two. I think you’ll see a different film. For sure, you’ll understand the character from a different perspective, and you’ll be with him in a different way.”

If you haven’t seen Rogue One in a while, we first meet Cassian as a full-on leader and spy extraordinaire. He learns about what ends up being the Death Star, kills the source, and is off and running. Throughout, he seems not just determined and loyal to the Rebellion; it’s life or death to him. All of which means season two is going see Cassian becoming more and more involved in the Rebellion, and more and more disillusioned with the Empire.

Head over to Collider to read much more because it’s a long, excellent interview.

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