Jason Momoa Really Wants to Make a Lobo Movie

Jason Momoa Really Wants to Make a Lobo Movie

Lindsay Lohan wants a Freaky Friday 2 to happen. Giselle breaks into song in a new Disenchanted clip. Plus, what’s coming on the Chucky season 2 finale and the next episode of Titans. Spoilers, away!

Jason Momoa Really Wants to Make a Lobo Movie


During a recent interview with CBR, Jason Momoa was asked to “blink twice” if his secret DC project with James Gunn involved the alien bounty hunter, Lobo. In response, the actor stated “comic book fans around the world are going to be very excited” about the collaboration, adding that the character in question is the one he’s collected “the most” his “whole life.”

Well I have to obviously blink, so there’s no way I can get out of this without blinking, but you know that would be amazing if that happened. I’m just happy that [James] Gunn is at the helm and [Peter] Safran, who is just like my heart. So I’m in good hands and I think comic book fans around the world are going to be very excited.

It’s definitely something I’ve collected my whole life. So, for all the fans who know me will know that I collect this comic book the most. So without giving you anything, if you’re a real fan you’d know what I collect the most, and you can go back in history to find out what I collect the most.

Freaky Friday 2

Lindsay Lohan confirmed she spoke to Jamie Lee Curtis about a potential Freaky Friday sequel during her recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

We did speak about it, yeah. Let’s just take the fact that I was on set filming at the time, and Jamie Lee Curtis writes, and you just get excited and distracted immediately, so I had to bring myself down to Earth and be like, ‘I’m on set, I have to focus.’ Then she said Freaky Friday 2, and I got more excited.

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Indiana Jones 5

According to director James Mangold on Twitter, you can expect a trailer for Indiana Jones 5 in “less than 30 days.”


Giselle breaks into song in a new clip from Disenchanted.


Fish creatures from the North Pole descend on the crew of an exploratory vessel in the trailer for Freeze, winner of the Best Film award at this year’s H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival.


Dead Boy Detectives

Deadline reports David Iacono is attached to play David the Demon, “a powerful and threatening demon who torments Crystal and the Dead Boys” in the Dead Boy Detectives series at HBO Max. Additionally, George Rexstrew, Jayden Revri, and Kassius Nelson have joined the cast in undisclosed roles.


Chucky celebrates the holidays in the synopsis for his second season finale, “Chucky, Actually”:

Back in Hackensack for the holidays, the 3 Amigos receive a special gift; Tiffany plots her escape.

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Reginald the Vampire

Reginald attempts to locate a vampire who can turn the undead “back to humans” in the synopsis for next week’s episode, “The Odyssey.”

Reginald leaves home to find a legendary vampire named Abraham, who can turn vampires back to humans.

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Spoiler TV also has a few not-too-exciting photos from “Super Super Mart,” this week’s episode of Titans. Click through to see the rest.

Photo: HBO Max
Photo: HBO Max
Photo: HBO Max
Photo: HBO Max
Photo: HBO Max
Photo: HBO Max

The Cuphead Show!

Finally, Netflix has released a clip from the third season of The Cuphead Show! before its premiere on November 18.

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