The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special May Include a Major MCU Reveal

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special May Include a Major MCU Reveal

Monster High will return. Get a glimpse of what’s coming on the finales of Chucky and Stargirl, and what’s next on Kung Fu and The Winchesters. Plus, more details about the return of Rick and Morty. To me, my spoilers!

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special May Include a Major MCU Reveal

Shang-Chi 2/Iron Fist

While discussing the Shang-Chi sequel with Comic Book, Jessica Henwick may have teased a future appearance from Colleen Wing in the MCU.

If we’re talking canon, the way the story ended, she had a fist. She was ready to fist. But [Finn Jones’ Danny Rand] had his own powers. Oh, god, let’s stop talking about this!


A new mother accidentally summons the demon Lilith in the trailer for Lullaby, a horror film starring Oona Chaplin (Game of Thrones) borrowing the bedsheet gag from the Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark remake.


The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

In conversation with TV Line, Pom Klementieff described the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special as “goofy” yet “heartfelt,” with “a big reveal” for the future of the MCU.

[It] can be very goofy and very funny and cute [but its] “also very rooted in something much, much deeper and more beautiful and heartfelt. It’s a great mix, for sure. I had so much fun. I think I get to be the weirdest I’ve ever been as Mantis. It was really funny because I would do things and then ask James [Gunn], ‘Am I doing too much…? Am I over the top?’ And he was like, ‘No, no, no! It’s the holiday special, go crazy.’ So I was like, ‘OK let me know if I overdo it, because I can go 300 per cent and burn everything down comedy-wise!’ It felt really freeing, to just go for it. But while there are these moments of comedy, there is also this layer of something real, like, ‘It’s all about love and connection’ and ‘I need to get this Christmas gift [for Quill]’…it’s beautiful and deeper than just a comedy. There’s a big reveal that you need to watch…


Meanwhile, Christina Ricci described the second season of Yellowjackets as “wilder” and “more shocking” than the first in a recent interview with ET.

I can’t really get too much into detail, but I will say the first couple scripts had the entire cast gasping. So it’s even wilder. More crazy, more shocking and really compelling and fun.

Monster High

According to ComicBook, Nickelodeon and Mattel Television have ordered a 20-episode second season of the new Monster High animated series.


The JSA find themselves “in the fight of their lives” against the Icicle and Ultra-Humanite (presumably) in the synopsis for “The Reckoning,” the series finale of Stargirl.

THE FINAL SHOWDOWN — Courtney (Brec Bassinger) and the JSA find themselves in the fight of their lives against their biggest threat yet. Luke Wilson, Amy Smart, Yvette Monreal, Anjelika Washington, Cameron Gellman, Trae Romano, Meg DeLacy, Hunter Sansone, Alkoya Brunson and Joel McHale also star. Walter Carlos Garcia directed the episode written by Geoff Johns (#313). Original airdate 12/7/2022.


The Winchesters

Elsewhere, the Winchesters do some table-setting in the synopsis for their December 6 episode, “Reflections.”

IT ALL ADDS UP – The Hunt heats up and Mary (Meg Donnelly) and John (Drake Rodger) find trails that lead back to their fathers. Carlos (JoJo Fleites) helps Mary investigate where the Akrida might be hiding but they discover more than they bargained for. Meanwhile, Millie (Bianca Kajlich) steps in to help Latika (Nida Kurshid), Ada (Demetria McKinney), and John to decipher notes left behind and they stumble upon a way to get some answers. John Showalter directed the episode written by David H. Goodman & Robbie Thompson (#107). Original Airdate 12/6/2022.



A newly ensouled Good Guy doll returns to ruin Christmas in the trailer for next week’s season finale, “Chucky, Actually.”

Kung Fu

Nicky goes full John Wick in the trailer for “Betrayal,” next week’s episode of Kung Fu.


The cast and crew of Titans discuss Ma Mayhem and Jinx in a new featurette.


Rick and Morty

Finally, Rick and Morty are caught in a “previously on…” spiral in the cold open for this week’s new episode.

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