Writing Docs in Canva? You Can Now Get an AI To Help You Brainstorm Ideas

Writing Docs in Canva? You Can Now Get an AI To Help You Brainstorm Ideas

Canva has added a new AI tool to its Docs application, which enters an open, publically accessible beta from today.

I’m a big fan of Canva. It’s a remarkably lightweight and easy-to-use web application with tonnes of utility. Like a lot of businesses, we use it for images at Gizmodo Australia, but I’ve previously used it for documents, file conversions, and cover letters.

In September, Canva announced that it was pivoting its app to offer a ‘worksuite’. It looked suspiciously like Google’s range of apps, including word docs, slideshows, video production and website creation, but the suite is still a long way off from being ready for release.

Now that Canva Docs has entered its open beta, the Australian unicorn web app has announced a new feature for it: an AI word processor called Magic Write.

“We’re unveiling Magic Write in Canva Docs, an AI-powered copywriting assistant designed to get you to your first draft, fast,” Canva’s chief product officer and co-founder Cameron Adams said.

“Our magic tools and features are accelerating the shift towards visual communication while unlocking creative capabilities never seen before. There’s plenty more magic to come and we’re looking forward to launching more in this space over the coming months.”

The Marketing Shop does a great job of showcasing the feature in the below video.

At its core, Canva’s new AI helps you write your document with AI-assisted prompts. If you, for example, write down a prompt, the AI will generate text relative to that prompt. This is extra useful for lists, as you can see in the above video.

“Creatively-minded and tech-savvy professional content creators like bloggers and writers can save precious time creating fresh ideas and unique and engaging content by letting Magic Write turn your blank page into a creative starting point,” the blog post adds.

“You don’t have to be a professional to make the most of Magic Write: from a birthday card to a wedding invitation, a poem or a thank-you note – it’s fun, fast, and easy to bring any idea to life.”

If you’d like to be involved with the Canva Docs beta, you can opt-in on its website.

It’s a cool feature, but don’t expect it to write an essay for you.

Canva users can use Magic Write up to 25 times before needing a pro subscription.

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