All the Big CES 2023 Car Announcements, From Colour-Changing Panels to In-Car Gaming

All the Big CES 2023 Car Announcements, From Colour-Changing Panels to In-Car Gaming

Yet again, cars were a major player at CES, with the 2023 show kicking off with a BMW keynote and Sony revealing its new automotive brand.

We’re running through the major car innovations shown off at CES 2023 below.

The biggest car announcements at CES 2023


Let’s start with what I considered the stand-out car from CES 2023, BMW’s Dee concept. While the presentation was a total cringe-fest, BMW’s Dee concept car gave us a slice of what to expect from the company’s ‘Neue Klasse’ range of vehicles, expected to launch in 2025. Oh yeah, the car could change the colour of every panel. It was really cool.

Sony and Honda (or Afeela)

Sony took to the stage at CES 2023 to reveal its new car brand: Afeela. In collaboration with Honda, Sony’s new brand is focusing on electric vehicles, with the concept car showing off a visual panel (which played an ad for a Spider-Man movie) on the grill. It’s expected that the Afeela range will be available in North America from mid-2026. Sony also showed off a trailer for the Gran Turismo movie.


Peugeot showed off a really nice-looking concept car at CES 2023, the Peugeot Inception (what a cool name). Supposedly it’ll be the inspiration for every Peugeot going forward after 2025.


Mercedes-Benz had some things to announce at CES 2023, like that it’s making cars with the internet now (through a digital twin system). This is part of a partnership with Nvidia and included an announcement that Mercedes would be using Nvidia’s Orin car platform going forward. For some reason, Mercedes also announced a cringeworthy partnership with SUPERPLASTIC (to create a digital mascot) and that it would be building out its own charging network.


Nvidia announced at CES 2023 that it’s working on cloud gaming for cars, with its GeForce Now program. Initially, only BYD, Polestar and Hyundai will have cloud gaming capability through GeForce Now, with models yet to be specified, but it will be available in Australia.


Google’s presence at CES 2023 was car-heavy, with a focus on an Android Auto overhaul. This includes improvements to responsiveness, WhatsApp call support, YouTube video streaming in-car, better map quality and digital car key sharing across more phones.

And a few brands you haven’t heard of

Apart from these big-name brands, there were some cool innovations shown off by companies like Aska, which says it’s about to put the world’s first flying car on sale for $US789,000 ($1,141,501 if it were available in Australia), The MoonBike, an all-electric snow bike that can reach 40km/h and the HOLON Mover, a self-driving electric bus which is apparently about to hit the streets of Germany.

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