Help Save the Penguins With This Boozy Scholarship

Help Save the Penguins With This Boozy Scholarship

Do you love penguins? Of course, you do, who doesn’t? Well, thanks to conscious booze brand Part Time Rangersyou could win a trip to Penguin Island.

In case you didn’t know, Penguin Island is very much a real thing but still the place of my dreams.

It also just so happens that today, Friday 20 January, is Penguin Awareness Day. To bring attention to such a worthy day, Part Time Rangers are launching a first-of-its-kind paid scholarship to help further protect Australia’s endangered penguins. How bloody legendary is that?

For context, Part Time Rangers are a wildlife conservation alcohol brand that wanted to find a simple solution to a long-term problem. That problem was the premixed alcohol market, where drinks were filled with sugar and companies created so much waste, doing little to give back to the planet.

As such, Part Time Rangers pledge to donate a portion of proceeds to the corresponding animals they have on their cans. As you can guess, they’ve launched a Peach Penguin drink with a portion of proceeds going to the Conservation Council of Western Australia.

In addition to donating proceeds, they’ve also teamed up with the Conservation Council of WA to launch a paid scholarship for one lucky Aussie.

The scholarship, which includes an all-expenses paid trip to Penguin Island in WA, will see the winner becoming a Part Time Ranger and support Penguin Scientist Doctor Erin Clitheroe with conservation efforts.

I would die for this penguin. Image: Provided

You’ll also be monitoring Little Penguins and testing new, low-temperature nest boxes that will help cool the penguins down on hot days.

Oh, and you’ll get $2,000 prize money. There’s literally no reason not to enter the competition.

“Australia’s Little Penguin is a national treasure, but populations are in decline and this bird could soon face extinction if we don’t act and provide solutions,” Clitheroe said, “The Part Time Ranger Scholarship is an opportunity to see the science first hand while helping support and promote wider conservation efforts.”

In fact, Little Penguins have experienced a population decline of 80 per cent since 2007 as a result of warming oceans and increasing air temperatures. In saying that, only 5 per cent of Aussies actually know that they’re a conservation concern.

The Little Penguins scholarship was created off the back of Part Time Rangers research that found that 52 per cent of young Aussies aged 18-34 years old are passionate about animal welfare and wildlife conservation.

61 per cent are concerned directly about the future of our endangered animals and 76 per cent agree its important to use their time to give back and care for the environment.

So how do you get young people more involved? With an alcoholic drink that gives back, of course.

Applications for the Little Penguin scholarship opens Friday 20 January and will close on Monday 20 February. You can see more about and enter the competition on their website here.

Part Time Rangers Peach Penguin is also available nationwide.

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