Snowpiercer’s Final Season Won’t Air on TNT, Because Of Course Not

Snowpiercer’s Final Season Won’t Air on TNT, Because Of Course Not

TNT’s Snowpiercer series has been steadily chugging along since 2020 and managed to secure a niche for itself across three seasons. If you were someone watching the show and waiting for its fourth and final season to air so you could finally see how things would wrap up, some bad news for you: the fourth season is done, production-wise, but it won’t be airing on TNT or anywhere else.

Per Deadline, the show’s abrupt end may have to do with tax-write offs, as has been the case with pretty much anything that’s been cancelled or removed by Warner Bros. Discovery since the back half of 2022. The call to not air the season — which was done, mind you — was made towards the end of 2022. A spokesperson for TNT told Deadline that the network has been “working collaboratively with the producers since last year to help the series find a new home where fans can continue to enjoy the compelling story and exceptional visual experience.”

Based on the 1982 French graphic novel La Transperceneige by Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette, Snowpiercer the show was set in its own continuity separate from the popular 2013 film from Bong-Joon Ho. The climate fiction thriller starred Daveed Diggs and Jennifer Connolly, and marks the end of TNT as a home for original scripted series. The network begun airing its own original programming in the late ‘90s and includes popular shows and cult classics such as Leverage and The Librarians.

Deadline added that Tomorrow Studios, one of the production companies behind Snowpiercer, is working to shop the show around to other networks. Additionally, Tomorrow plans to build the show into a franchise via a potential prequel and sequel series. At the moment, though, getting the final season of the main show is the priority. In a press statement, Tomorrow CEO Marty Adelstein said that Snowpiercer’s final season “completes a story with incredible talent that will entertain viewers while exploring issues of climate change and class warfare. […] We hope to find the perfect partner shortly and finish a great ride with the final season.”

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