Apple’s Weather App Is on the Fritz

Apple’s Weather App Is on the Fritz

The Apple weather app appears to be struggling to meet consumer expectations by simply not working. As more and more people rely on technology, we’ve become dependent on it for nearly everything, including the (usually) quick and easy step of referring to a weather app on our phone instead of stepping outside.

Nonetheless, we all fall victim to the information that is supposed to be available at our fingertips, but one click on Apple’s weather app shows we may be forced to approach the day without knowing if the weather will shift. An alternative would be to look up today’s weather on another app, but it still doesn’t answer the question of when consumers can expect Apple’s weather app to function normally again.

Apple did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment.

The app started malfunctioning Monday night and according to Apple’s website, only “some users” were affected and the company says it is working to “resolve the issue.” Apple users took to Reddit on Tuesday to complain about the ongoing issues, with some claiming their app has gone one step further and is projecting weather that is more than 30 degrees off the actual weather.

“Look how wrong my weather complication is (for reference, it’s actually 22 degrees here right now),” one person wrote. They linked to a screenshot of their phone showing the app was saying it is a whopping -12 degrees. Apple stated on another page that “next-hour precipitation may be unavailable for Alaska due to a data provider outage,” but users across the world say they are affected. On Reddit, a user asked if the glitch is only occurring in the U.S. and received responses from users in Poland, the UK, Singapore, Czechia, Vietnam, India, and others saying they were experiencing the issue too.

Complaints about Apple’s weather app come only a week after the company’s Dark Sky app returned briefly since Apple discontinued the weather app in January, and users reported it loaded for a short period before disappearing again. Apple removed the Dark Sky app and switched some of its features to its weather app including next-hour precipitation, rain alerts, hyperlocal forecasts, and customisable weather notifications.

Apple has not confirmed when its weather app will be back up for everyone, but the app appears to be working on the Apple Watch and home screen widget. The company reports on its site that all other Apple apps and features are currently working.

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