Here Are the Most Popular Original Shows on Streaming

Here Are the Most Popular Original Shows on Streaming

There’s always time for more TV, and new data published by Bloomberg earlier this week revealed that we watched a lot of it. A new report helps characterise the blackbox that is streaming shows to audiences — which is especially important in a world where Netflix has a reputation for cancelling your favourite show (I’m still not over 1899). After analysing data from the data firm Nielsen, which is famous for collecting data on TV audiences, Bloomberg was able to break down the most popular original shows on the Big 5 streaming services.

Before that, Bloomberg also took a look at the overall state of streaming television over the last two years. While the fastest growing service this year in the U.S. was Paramount+ — which logged 7.6 million signups from January to March 2023 — a reported 7% of paying users are still cancelling the service every month. Even still, Bloomberg found that Netflix reigns supreme, accounting for 7% to 8% of all television viewing per month.

Bloomberg also confirmed Netflix’s claim that Squid Game is the biggest show of all time, but further analysis found that the show did not crack the list of most watched original shows on Netflix in terms of minutes watched last year — scroll on to find what did.

Amazon Prime

  1. The Boys – 11,044 minutes watched
  2. The Rings of Power – 7,512 minutes watched
  3. The Wheel of Time – 3,944 minutes watched


  1. The Mandalorian – 9,405 minutes watched
  2. Loki – 5,234 minutes watched
  3. Obi-Wan Kenobi – 4,259 minutes watched
  4. Wandavision – 3,561 minutes watched
  5. The Book of Boba Fett – 3,548 minutes watched
  6. Hawkeye – 3,458 minutes watched
  7. Moon Knight – 3,272 minutes watched

HBO Max (Or, MAX) – Binge in Australia

  1. House of the Dragon – 9,012 minutes watched
  2. Game of Thrones – 3,206 minutes watched
  3. The Last of Us – 1,714 minutes watched
  4. The White Lotus – 1,654 minutes watched


  1. Stranger Things – 44,642 minutes watched
  2. Cobra Kai – 25,613 minutes watched
  3. Manifest – 24,072 minutes watched
  4. The Crown – 18,560 minutes watched
  5. Lucifer – 17,114 minutes watched

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