Star Trek: Picard’s Showrunner Teases His Hopes For a Legacy Spinoff

Star Trek: Picard’s Showrunner Teases His Hopes For a Legacy Spinoff

The John Wick spinoff Ballerina sets its release date. Former showrunner Bryan Fuller really wants a new season of Hannibal. The Boys teases a bloody (good?) time for Homelander. Plus, a sneak peek at what’s coming in this week’s Star Trek: Picard. Spoilers now!

Star Trek: Picard’s Showrunner Teases His Hopes For a Legacy Spinoff


Deadline reports Taylor Russell (Bones & All) has joined the cast of Na Hong-jin’s Korean thriller, Hope, in which “a mysterious discovery is made on the outskirts of a remote harbour town.”

Blue Beetle

According to Film Music Reporter, Bobby Krlic (aka The Haxan Cloak) is attached to score Blue Beetle.


The upcoming John Wick spinoff starring Ana de Armas, Anjelica Huston, Ian McShane, and Keanu Reeves is now scheduled for a June 7, 2024, theatrical release date. [Deadline]

Joker: Folie a Deux

Lady Gaga dances down a flight of stairs — down the flight of stairs — in new set photos from Joker: Folie a Deux.

Beau is Afraid

Elsewhere, Beau hopes to romance Parker Posey in a new TV spot for Beau is Afraid.


Star Trek: Legacy

During a recent panel at Galaxy Con (via Trek Movie), Star Trek: Picard showrunner Terry Matalas described his idea for a new series focusing on the further adventures of Captain Liam Shaw.

Look, I love this time period in Star Trek, the 25th century. I always view it as the present day in Star Trek, for me. It’s where we all left off. And the way we leave this season is a passing of the torch from the last generation to the next… I would certainly love [the spin-off] to happen. We certainly leave it so that you can do that.

Boy, wouldn’t you want to check in with the Klingon Empire? Wouldn’t you want to check in with Deep Space Nine and The Doctor [from Voyager] and everything that went on with the Berman-verse? So that’s kind of where I see is to explore the galaxy and sort of get back to the Next Gen roots of storytelling is what I would see as a kind of version of Star Trek I’d like to see, with this group of characters that we’re seeing. I don’t want to talk too much about them although I think you could guess as to who I would like to see. And by the way, I think that includes a great deal of some of these legacy characters who I think have never been better, Jonathan Frakes being one of them… I mean come on, guys, he’s amazing!

[Nana Visitor is] so good. I mean, gosh you want to see that. You want to see Nana so bad and what’s going on with her and everyone. That would be phenomenal.


By the same token, Bryan Fuller discussed his plans for a speculative fourth season of Hannibal on a recent episode of The Nerdist podcast (via ComicBook).

It’s not so much anything has changed in terms of of how I’m imagining it as much as it’s just gotten deeper. There’s something about you know where we left Will and Hannibal at the cliff and this power tenderness and intimacy that they are experiencing in that moment that feels like it’s a launch pad. I don’t think we can pull back, but we have to continue the trajectory and continue that level of intimate exploration between these two men and their queer love story, their queer blurring of identities. And how that would manifest in a narrative that we can track. So it’s not so much an evolution as much as it is an extrapolation of what was kind of intended for or what is intended for season four.

If you didn’t like season three you probably won’t like season four but if you like the trajectory you’re going to love where it’s going spending time with it. Thinking about it it does become more intimate and I do see pathways of expressing that intimacy in ways that I think that the Fannibal family will feel validated by and also doesn’t feel like it’s a cheat with the characters.

Wonder Man

Destin Daniel Cretton confirmed production has officially begun on the Wonder Man series at Disney+.

The Boys

Both The Boys’ official Twitter page and Anthony Starr’s personal Instagram shared bloody photos of Homelander in an upcoming episode from season four.

Star Trek: Picard

Spoiler TV also has photos from “Surrender,” this week’s episode of Star Trek: Picard. Click through to see the rest.

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Quantum Leap

A new teaser promises Quantum Leap will return for a second season at NBC this fall.

Superman & Lois

The Kent/Lane family battle their most insidious foe yet — breast cancer — in the trailer for “Head On,” next week’s episode of Superman & Lois.

Gotham Knights

Meanwhile, the Gotham Knights rob a mafia family to finance their fight against the Court of Owls in the trailer for “More Money, More Problems.”

Muppets Mayhem

Finally, a new teaser confirms Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem will enjoy their own show on Disney+, coming in  May.

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