We’ve Seen 6 Minutes Of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

We’ve Seen 6 Minutes Of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

At Star Wars Celebration, James Mangold, the soon-to-be-Star Wars and current director of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, could have stopped at just showing fans the latest trailer for the upcoming fifth Indiana Jones adventure, but he wanted to do more. So after the trailer, he also showed six minutes of footage from the middle of the film, which included plenty of clues about the story itself, and a lot of Indy action.

It was the rickshaw chase scene that played a big role in the teaser trailer. The scene place in Tangier, Morocco, and from what we can discern, Indiana Jones goes there to find the titular Dial of Destiny after it’s stolen from him by his goddaughter Helena, which was stolen from her by Mads Mikkelsen’s Nazi character. Indy arrives to find that Helena is engaged, and the pair run through an alley bantering at each other, mostly about Indy’s disappointment that Helena wants to marry a mobster. They’re chasing Mikkelsen’s car, driven by Boyd Holbrook’s character.

A young boy shows up in a rickshaw and the pair jump in, though Indy insists on driving. Helena yells that the boy knows this city and Indy doesn’t. Quickly, a car stops them and starts firing a shotgun at them. Indy backs up but is stopped by camels. Eventually, they get back on track but the bad guys are way ahead, and behind Indy and Helena is the mobster’s car. It gets close and one of the mobster’s goons jumps onto their rickshaw with a knife and stabs into the roof. Indy makes a hairpin turn that whips the goon to the side, and Helena knocks him off with a punch.

The kid keeps telling Indy to go one way but Indy doesn’t listen and as a result, drive down a huge staircase and crash. Helena and the kid jump in another rickshaw and leave Indy in his. Mads’ car drives by and then Helena is back in hot pursuit. Indy pushes his smashed rickshaw back onto the road, and joins the chase

Now there are two cars and two rickshaws, and the John Williams Indiana Jones theme starts to kick in. Indy jumps the curb and drives on the footpath to catch up to Helena. When he gets parallel he screams at her and asks if she thinks her dad, who seems to be Toby Jones’ mysterious character, would be proud that she’s sold her soul for bail money. The kid, hearing this, starts to say it was about much more than money but Helena tells him to be quiet.

As Indy and Helena bicker some more, the mobster’s car catches up to them. A goon is about to shoot at the rickshaws, but the mobster says not to as he doesn’t want Helena harmed. The rickshaws are then running parallel and playing chicken with an approaching car, so Indy has to jump onto Helena’s as his rickshaw is destroyed, so we’re back to three vehicles.

The two cars sandwich the rickshaw. Holbrook’s character pulls out a gun to shoot Indy, but Indy kicks his hand away, forcing Holbrook to accidentally shoot at the mobster’s car instead and causing it to crash. Now there are wo vehicles left, and that’s when Helena takes matters into her own hands.

She rips a piece of metal off the top of the rickshaw and says she’s going to get what’s hers. Using the metal, she jumps onto Mikkelsen’s car and then smashes through the rear window to grabs Mikkelsen’s throat. Indy joins her and tries to steal the bag Mikkelsen is holding, which we assume has the Dial of Destiny inside. Cue more Indy music.

Indy and Helena battle to steal the Dial back but come up empty-handed, forcing the two to return to their rickshaw. Indy explains he didn’t come to Morocco to rescue Helena, he just wants the Dial back. It’s a fun action scene that really does a great job of showing to use just how formidable Helena is, and how little Indy has lost. We’ll see more on June 30, when Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny hits theatres.