Johnny Young Bosch Joins Ultraman Blazar’s English Dub

Johnny Young Bosch Joins Ultraman Blazar’s English Dub

In a couple of weeks, the Ultraman series will be returning with another instalment as part of its Reiwa era. Blazar also serves as the 35th entry in the popular tokusatsu series overall, and celebrates the 10th anniversary of the New Generation sub-series.

In what’s a first for the franchise, Blazar will be simulcast in both Japanese and English, and the series has nabbed Johnny Young Bosch for the English dub. The former Power Ranger (and presently Ichigo and Vash the Stampede) will voice the lead role of Gento Hiruma, played by Tomoya Warabino in Japan. Though Bosch has a long career doing English dubs for anime, his dubbing for live-action series is compartively smaller, with the most recent being the 2020 Spanish anime-style (aka “Spanime”) series The Idhun Chronicles. At time of writing, the other English dub actors have yet to be revealed, but are said to be gradually announced in the coming days. On Twitter, Bosch called it “an honour to join the Ultraman universe.”

Ultraman Blazar focuses on the Global Guardian Force, a peacekeeping unit created to deal with kaiju and alien attacks. After failing to fight off one of these attacks, Gento (who leads the GGF’s special forces unit) are contacted by the Ultra and given the ability to transform into the titular superhero. Now promoted to lead an even more powerful kaiju defence force, Gento will continue fighting kaiju and aliens, just with some extra firepower on hand.

Ultraman Blazar will premiere on July 7. Those who want to watch the show and listen to the English voice will be able to do so on the franchise’s official YouTube channel, and via Ultraman Connection.

[via Tsuburaya]