Google Needs Its Own Genius Bar, How About the Geek Squad?

Google Needs Its Own Genius Bar, How About the Geek Squad?

Samsung isn’t the only phone maker expanding its quick-fix repair network. 9to5Google reports that Google will set up Pixel repair kiosks within select Best Buy locations to rival the Korean electronics giant’s new line of repair shops and Apple’s Genius Bar.

9to5Google reports that Best Buy is training its Geek Squad employees to repair Google Pixel smartphones in-house. Although the Geek Squad, a longstanding general tech support offering from the big box electronics store, already offers in-store smartphone repairs, including for Samsung’s foldable devices and Apple’s iPhone, a partnership with Best Buy would mark the first time Google would offer official repair services outside its two brick-and-mortar stores in New York City and Brooklyn. Google and Best Buy did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the 9to5 report.

Pixel users can still take their devices to select uBreakiFix locations throughout the U.S. for repair. That’s also where Samsung is setting up shop for its Galaxy devices, turning some of those uBreakiFix locales into flagship repair shops. Overall, dedicated Geek Squad repair shops would be a win for Android users, who haven’t had much of an equivalent to Apple’s “Genius Bar” even as the hardware has matured. Previously, if you broke a phone, you’d have to contact the manufacturer first, then coordinate shipping out the device. Often that would result in having to figure out a backup situation while the smartphone was away getting fixed. And with shipping times, that resulted in weeks without access to your mainstay device. At the very least, Android users could soon be able to more easily walk into a store to talk to someone about their broken stuff.

Repairability isn’t just a buzzword. Most folks prefer to fix their stuff instead of tossing it out for something new. It’s almost always the more affordable solution. And with Best Buy being one of the top places Americans seek aid when they break their phones, this users could get that help more quickly.

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