The Fallen Jedi of Ahsoka’s ‘Fallen Jedi,’ Ranked

The Fallen Jedi of Ahsoka’s ‘Fallen Jedi,’ Ranked

This week’s episode of Ahsoka, “Fallen Jedi,” had a lot of Jedi in it. Perhaps even more than you might have first noticed! But did it have fallen Jedi, as promised by the title? Actually, yes! In fact, so many of the Jedi in “Fallen Jedi” could ostensibly be described as Jedi that have Fallen we’ve decided to run the episode back and decide the ultimate Fallen Jedi.

7) Marrok

Screenshot: Lucasfilm

Man straight up gets dusted, let alone falls over. Plus, he was an Inquisitor, so at the very least a former Jedi. And yet that didn’t stop him going out like a champ. Sorry Marrok, at least your action figure will be cool.

Fallen Factor: 0/5

6) Kanan Jarrus

Screenshot: Lucasfilm

Barely in the episode, yes, and even in life, Kanan didn’t fall—metaphorically or literally, we’re not ranking Exploded Jedi (RIP).

Still, better than Marrok.

Fallen Factor: Technicality

5) Shin Hati

Screenshot: Lucasfilm

We still don’t know enough about Shin, let alone whether or not she is a dark sider Baylan found after the fall of the Jedi Order—Huyang didn’t recognize her lightsaber, indicating that at least she either rebuilt one post-Order 66 or was never a youngling.

And she actually did a fantastic job of not falling in “Fallen Jedi” to boot—it’s only when Ahsoka Force-pushed her at the climax of the episode that she fell over. Barely flinched when Sabine fired a wrist rocket at her! Too competent for her own good, in these rankings.

Fallen Factor: 1/5

4) Sabine Wren

Screenshot: Lucasfilm

Well, she’s not a Jedi… yet. She’s trying, so points for effort. That trying does mean there’s a lot of falling over for our would-be Mandalorian Jedi, but for the most part Sabine falls in style—like the cool drop she does when Shin nearly takes her head off.

Fallen Factor: 3/5

3) Anakin Skywalker

Screenshot: Lucasfilm

Arguably the most Fallen Jedi to have ever Fallened in the history of Fallening. The fall (Sky)guy, if you will. But! We must quibble with our dear friend the Chosen One here in this very scientific ranking: we don’t know what version of Anakin this is yet.

The World Between Worlds is a plane of existence that is outside normal spacetime, with gateways across past, present, and future converging in its realm. This could be an Anakin from the time before he became Darth Vader, so he’s yet to fall. Technically speaking, if it’s Anakin’s spirit after he’s died and been redeemed in Return of the Jedi, is he still a Fallen Jedi after his ascension? Much to think about.

Fallen Factor: TBD

2) Baylan Skoll

Screenshot: Lucasfilm

Oh, Baylan Skoll, you fascinate me. He’s clearly a capital-F, capital-J Fallen Jedi, and like Shin we don’t really know much about him yet—but the potential is there, from his knowledge of Anakin’s downfall as Darth Vader, to just what he knows about Ezra and Ahsoka specifically in all his teases, right down to that line he growls at Ahsoka about how she and the Jedi know no other conflict resolution than violence. Who are you, sir!?

That, and Ahsoka does kick him over during their duel.

Fallen Factor: 4/5

1) Ahsoka Tano

Screenshot: Lucasfilm

She is no Jedi. But she is pretty fallen right here, in this moment. I’d say that’s rather definitive, wouldn’t you?

Fallen Factor: 5/5