The Analogue 3D Is the Retro Console Maker’s Take on the Nintendo 64

The Analogue 3D Is the Retro Console Maker’s Take on the Nintendo 64

Analogue has revealed that it will release a recreation of the Nintendo 64 console, the Analogue 3D, which will play cartridges like Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in 4K.

Analogue is a renowned retro console maker best known for the upgraded Nintendo Game Boy clone, Pocket. It has released several hits in the past including the original Nintendo NES, the Super Nintendo, and the Sega Genesis. All of these consoles have done pretty well and have been completely sold out.

Analogue’s consoles make use of custom chips that replicate the workings of older hardware and provide a more authentic experience than traditional emulators. This means users can use the original game cartridges and discs from outdated consoles on modern TVs.

New 8BitDo controller image teased by Analogue.

In an obscure video that the company shared on Instagram last week, they announced the release of the Analogue 3D which they have termed as a “reimagining of the Nintendo 64″. While the Analogue 3D is capable of playing original Nintendo 64 games at 4K, players can also choose to keep the old-school look of a CRT on a modern display.

Analogue also teased an image of a new controller from 8BitDo that appears to be a riff on N64’s unique peripheral from the ‘9os.

The company has not shared much about what the Analogue 3D’s features are going to look like or when exactly the console will be released. All we know right now is that it will offer support for wireless controllers as well as four ports for connecting to original Nintendo 64 gamepads and that it will be released sometime in 2024.

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