Even a Tesla Cybertruck Prototype Can’t Mess With Californian Parking Enforcement

Even a Tesla Cybertruck Prototype Can’t Mess With Californian Parking Enforcement

There have been a lot of Tesla Cybertruck ‘release candidates’ on the back of tow trucks lately, but they’ve all been related to breakdowns. This time a Cybertruck driver parked in the wrong place and the city of San Francisco brought down its fist of righteous retribution to enact justice. If you’ve ever parked in San Francisco, you know just how difficult it is to not only find a spot, but also understand the arcane street cleaning schedule.

As captured by a member of the Tesla East Bay owners group and posted to the group’s Twitter account, the Cybertruck RC was first given a parking citation, and shortly thereafter was towed away by a big yellow diesel. Oh the indignity!

Screenshot: heshamza on Reddit

You can see in the video of the truck being towed that its weight is giving the little dolly under it some serious strain. Leaked specs seem to indicate that Cybertrucks weigh in somewhere between 6,500 and 7,000 pounds, so that checks out. I’m sure even the tow truck noticed the hefty weight of the Tesla it was hauling.

Why the release candidate wasn’t attended for a long period of time on the streets of San Francisco, we’ll never know. Perhaps Tesla wanted to see if the city’s break-in artists could crack the Cybertruck’s facade? Maybe the driver was just sleeping in and didn’t notice when the truck was hauled away? Or maybe it actually was broken down. Whatever the case, this is definitely something that doesn’t happen to other car companies. I wonder why that is?

I know from experience that it’s extremely easy to get a ticket in San Francisco, I got one in my MG Midget a few years ago.

Every time I drive my Cybertruck in San Francisco, they tow the shit.

Screenshot: Tesla East Bay Fremont on Twitter

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