Finally! A Use For The Web Browser On Your TV

Finally! A Use For The Web Browser On Your TV

You know how there’s always “an app for that”? Sometimes there is no app for that. Remember when it took 1000 years for Paramount Plus to have an easily available app on all platforms? Both subscribers found it so inconvenient. I’ve recently wanted to watch several movies that weren’t available through the apps available on any of my connected devices. But, it turns out that there is a way to overcome this obstacle on Samsung TVs (and also some other Smart TVs).

The secret is remembering that most smart TVs have a web browser built-in. I will admit that I mostly just mock the web browser on smart TVs. It seems like a vestigial tail, or something that boomers would expect to see on a smart device, but no one actually uses. I have been making fun of this browser for years because it seems like the worst way to browse the web.

And then I actually needed the web browser on my smart TV and felt instantly humbled.

The reason why I hated the web browser was because I didn’t want to have to type in all the letters using the buggy on-screen keyboard. The trick to using it on your Samsung TV is to have the Smart Things app updated and connected on your phone (doesn’t have to be a Samsung phone, could even be an iPhone). You can then copy and paste the link for whatever you’re wanting to watch from your phone onto your TV and then watch your shows in peace.

If your TV doesn’t have a web browser, or your TV doesn’t connect to your smartphone and you have an Xbox, you can use the web browser on Xbox to get the same effect. You will need to type in the link using your controller, but somehow I find that easier than using the TV remote.

Another option would be to Chrome Cast or AirPlay from your phone to your TV, but that means you can’t be on your phone while you watch and will have to give whatever you’re watching your full concentration. Some people like that, though, I guess.

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