Jeff Bezos’ Superyacht Is So Massive It Had to Be Docked Next to Oil Tankers in Florida

Jeff Bezos’ Superyacht Is So Massive It Had to Be Docked Next to Oil Tankers in Florida

Jeff Bezos is incomprehensibly rich. So much so that his superyacht is bigger than other rich people’s superyachts, which is pretty wild if you think about it. Bezos’ recently completed ship, the Koru, is currently docked in Florida where its massive size made it a bit difficult to dock.

Luxury Launches reported that the Koru, which is currently the biggest sailing ship in the world, recently completed its months-long journey from the Mediterranean all the way to Port Everglades in South Florida. Any other billionaire’s boat wouldn’t have any trouble docking at the port, which can accommodate yachts in size up to 400 feet. The 416-foot Koru dwarfs that in nearly every dimension.

The half-a-billion-dollar boat is nearly twice the length of an Airbus A380 with an internal volume of 3,300 GT. Moreover, its triple masts measuring 230 feet make the vessel nearly half the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The Koru is so big that it had to be docked near two 600-plus-foot oil tankers. Equally huge are the docking fees and the cost to keep this thing running. Using another superyacht as an example, Luxury Launches says that current docking rates at Port Everglades can run $US22,000 for just 10 days. That’s in addition to the daily upkeep costs of $US137,000 for the Koru, which should be chump change for Bezos.

Don’t forget about the Koru’s $US75 million support yacht, Abeona, that follows the Koru just so Bezos’ fiancé Lauren Sanchez can land her helicopter on it. Abeona won’t be joining the Koru in Florida, however. The smaller yacht is headed to the Bahamas where it’s expected the Koru will meet up with it soon.

Image: Dutch Yachting YouTube

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