Hertz Is Selling Its US Fleet Of Rental Tesla Model 3s For Cheap

Hertz Is Selling Its US Fleet Of Rental Tesla Model 3s For Cheap

After Hertz’s full-scale EV adoption plan resulted in its fleet of new Tesla Model 3s getting abused by rideshare drivers and renters alike, Hertz is selling off a portion of its fleet for wildly cheap prices in the U.S.. Before you go snatch up these electrified bargains, keep in mind that Hertz is jettisoning these Model 3s due to their frequency of faults and high repair costs when damaged. Aside from that warning, if you’re looking for an affordable and usable preowned EV, check out Hertz because these admittedly high-mileage Model 3s are listed for sale between $US20,000 and $US25,000.

There are currently more than 100 Tesla Model 3s listed for sale on the Hertz website for under $US25,000, all of which have between 50,000 and 100,000 miles on their odometers. These Model 3s are located in several regions across the United States, so bargain hunters across the country should be able to find a cheap Model 3 in their price range. According to Recurrent Auto, these used EVs should qualify for the IRS used EV tax rebate of $US4,000, so the real price of the cheapest Model 3 on the Hertz website can potentially be $US16,500.

Image: Hertz

Questionable reliability aside, a used 2021 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus with about 87,000 miles is a steal at $US16,500. Additional value adds for these Model 3s include access to Tesla’s ubiquitous Supercharger network, and the manufacturer powertrain warranty is still in effect for another 13,000 miles.

Elsewhere on the internet, the cheapest Model 3 for sale from CarMax is nearly $US29,000 and has 52,000 miles on its odometer. While there are cheaper Model 3s listed for sale on AutoTrader, they are all out of warranty and have upwards of 150,000 miles or are salvaged.

Consumer Reports lists the Model 3 as having average reliability, and cites current average used prices between $US26,000 and $US35,000. All of this data backs up the fact that these Hertz Model 3s are screaming deals, and a great way for folks to get an affordable and usable EV.

I actually used to work at a Tesla store while at university and I maintain that, politics aside, Tesla builds an incredible EV. Other carmakers know how to make nicer interiors and may have higher quality standards, but Tesla’s Supercharger network, impressive powertrain performance and range, and some features are hard to beat. Especially if you’re buying a two-year-old BMW 3 Series competitor for $US16,500 that uses no gasoline and has a fraction of the moving parts, these ex-Hertz Model 3s are pretty compelling deals.

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