I Can’t Get Enough of This YouTuber Who Builds Tiny, Fully Functional Scale-Model Cars

I Can’t Get Enough of This YouTuber Who Builds Tiny, Fully Functional Scale-Model Cars

I love tiny, functional versions of already-small things. I have a cat that is roughly half the size of a normal cat, and she’s perfect. I own a 2013 Mazda2, which is like the miniature version of a normal-sized vehicle (at least here in Texas) — but beyond that, I also own a Hot Wheels version of the 2013 Mazda2, because I was entranced by how adorable my small car got when made even smaller. Now I’ve found a YouTuber who transforms tiny model cars into functional vehicles that can run on their own specially built road, and I think this might be the definition of heaven.

With over 200,000 subscribers, YouTuber diorama111 may not be news to some of you folks out there, but I just discovered the account this week. The person behind the account “modif[ies] model trains and miniature cars by installing LEDs and motors.” It’s an exceptionally satisfying process to watch.

The account’s most recent video did admittedly hit the internet over a month ago, but I’m absolutely obsessed. In the video, diorama111 transforms a 1/150-scale Nissan Micra into an itty-bitty driving machine that, by the end of the clip, is cruising around on some miniature roads.


1/150 scale Car System in which the car runs along wires under the road

The creator starts off the video by removing the tiny Micra’s axles and wheels before creating an itty-bitty steering mechanism, new chassis, and adding a tiny electric motor. And while that would have been cool all on its own, diorama111 also outfits the Micra with a fiddly wire system and functional lights that actually work according to the rules of the road.

Seriously. There aren’t just turn signals — there are also functional indicators on the side of the car. The headlights and brake lights work, and you can see little dabs of brake light pop up when the car slows down. It’s the cutest and also most impressive thing I’ve ever seen, and it’s the perfect antidote to the Wednesday blues.

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