I Can’t Handle How Cute Samsung’s New Soccer Ball Sized Robot Is

I Can’t Handle How Cute Samsung’s New Soccer Ball Sized Robot Is

After showing an initial prototype four years ago, Samsung officially revealed its cute new robot, Ballie, at CES 2024. This adorable little ball is being marketed as “your true AI companion” and can do everything from projecting visuals on your wall to turning switches on or off for you.

You can program it to patrol your house at a specific time. Here’s the extent of how (scaringly) autonomous this ball is. It will start the patrolling and send you updates in real-time.

These updates will include specific details on the area Ballie is inspecting and photos it takes during its tour. Pet owners might appreciate that Ballie can keep an eye on your furry ones, notifying you of any trouble they may get into. 

It can make its way to your smart pet feeder (that it’s connected to) and make it launch a refill. It will patiently wait for your furry friend to finish their food and then project their favourite video (which Ballie obviously knows of) on the floor. Your dog is now well-fed and having the time of his life watching Dog TV.

Ballie knows when to turn on your smart lights when it’s dark outside. Like your pet, Ballie will come running to you, though it’ll go the extra mile and project a greeting message on the floor, completely upstaging your dog.

Ballie also helps with workouts, keeping you on schedule and reminding you when it’s leg day. It can even project workout videos onto the wall and count your reps.

It’s almost like having a full-time helper around. Samsung says they will release the Ballie sometime this year but have not commented on pricing yet.

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