Kohler’s Newest Bidet Finally Brings Alexa and Google to Your Butt

Kohler’s Newest Bidet Finally Brings Alexa and Google to Your Butt

CES is about more than just the gadgets you hold in your hand or sit at the desk to use. It’s about the stuff in your bathroom, too, which is why Kohler is using the annual trade show to debut its latest in connected fixtures. The new items include a new shower sprayer, a ventilation fan that helps with humidity after a long shower, and my favorite, the PureWash Bidet Seat with Google and Alexa built-in.

The PureWash Bidet Seat is as standard as any other, but I like that you can talk to it. It’s heated, has adjustable temperatures and water pressure, and comes in white or black to match your bathroom style. It also features voice activation via Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Assistant. You can use your voice to command the spray pressure and the air dryer—it has a dryer! Ahhh, nice and warm.

The SpaViva hand shower is another new release. It’s a microbubble shower spray that offers a “deeper clean” with its micro-size water spouts. It also purports to retain water heat, which should reel in the people who love hot showers. There’s no connected element to this shower sprayer, but you can buy it off the shelf and install it yourself if you fancy something more high-tech.

The Atmo Fan sounds like another gadget I’d attempt to put into my bathroom once infinite money falls from the sky. The vent can help manage humidity and improve air quality. It even has a night light, so you don’t have to go to the bathroom—on your heated toilet cushion—in the dark.

Kohler will have other fixtures on display at CES, including the Rista, a 3D-printed sink. I also hope to glimpse the new Anthem+ Smart Showering controls, which offer remote access to lights, water, and sound through the Kohler Konnect app.

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