Impress Friends And Terrify Landlords With Nanoleaf’s New Ceiling-Mounted Lights

Impress Friends And Terrify Landlords With Nanoleaf’s New Ceiling-Mounted Lights

Nanoleaf has carved out a nice little market for itself: satisfying gamer lights you can stick onto your walls to make your entire room feel like the inside of a gaming PC. Determined to cover every flat surface in your home with RGBs, Nanoleaf has announced the Skylight — RGB lighting tiles that you can attach to your roof.

I quite like Nanoleaf, to be honest – I’m a renter in a not terrific-looking apartment, so it’s nice to add some gamer accessories to my living space. I’ve been using their bulbs and panels for about two years now, and apart from occasional connectivity issues, they make for terrific room enhancements – particularly the Nanoleaf Tiles, which I have set on a comfortable green most of the time.

But perhaps your room isn’t ideal for wall-mounted light tiles. Maybe it makes more sense to put something on (and in) the roof. Heck, maybe you just don’t like using your room’s light fittings and would rather use a skylight instead.

Similarly to Nanoleaf’s other products, the Skylight is designed to be modular – you can have several different panels connected together, so that you can have more dynamic lighting configurations (up to 100 additional squares can be used). Think stuff like blue, rain-like animation playing across the tiles, or maybe flowing reds and oranges like a tube filled with lava – these kinds of animations can be programmed into Nanoleaf tiles.

nanoleaf skylight

Having multiple tiles is something you might want to do, because panels can only have one colour on display at any given time – there aren’t multiple light sources in each panel.

However, please keep in mind that hardwiring is required for the Skylight – please don’t be silly, and get in touch with a licenced electrician when installing – just one tile needs to be hardwired into your home. Unlike Nanoleaf wall tiles, you can’t just stick these to your walls with command strips – they need to be screwed in. Sorry, renters!

Nanoleaf is selling several different packs of the Skylight. The cheapest ‘Start Pack’ includes 3 styles, and costs $470, however, if you’ve got deep pockets, a boring roof, and probably don’t need to get a rental bond back (seriously, be careful when putting things on your walls or ceilings, fellow renters), you can buy the 12 pack for… Gosh, $1,470. Single-panel expansion packs cost $140. Don’t just buy an expansion pack, because you’ll need a hub module, which comes with the starter pack.

That’s… a lot of money! Nanoleaf accessories tend to go on sale a lot, so this might be one to look out for. For now, it’s nice to imagine I can make my home a gigantic gamer lightbulb.

But, hey, if you’re thinking of installing these, you probably own a home.

Nanoleaf’s Skylights are available now online.

Image: Nanoleaf

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