Captain America: Brave New World’s First Footage Channels Winter Soldier

Captain America: Brave New World’s First Footage Channels Winter Soldier

There’s still almost a year until audiences get to see their brand new Captain America, Sam Wilson, on the big screen—but Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige still decided it was time to debut the first footage from Captain America: Brave New World at CinemaCon 2024.

Feige took the Las Vegas stage and immediately set expectations high by comparing Captain America: Brave New World with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Feige explains that one still resonates with fans because it’s fast-paced, exciting, and “relatively grounded,” for a Marvel movie. And, apparently, this is more of the same.

The footage began with an image of the White House set over that classic, Captain America theme from the other films. Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) enters the Oval Office and greets the new President of the United States, Thaddeus Ross, played by Harrison Ford. The role, of course, was previously played by the late William Hurt, so Sam makes a comment on how he looks different—and Ross says that they told him he had to lose his mustache or he’d lose the election. He’s also trying to quit smoking, so he is handed a red lollypop.

Ross tells Sam that while he’s not generally a fan of superheroes, but what he did in Mexico changed his mind. Now, he wants Sam as Captain America to help rebuild the Avengers. “And if we disagree on something, then what happens?” he asks the man who previously was behind the Sokovia Accords that triggered Captain America: Civil War.

Next, the President gives a presentation and explaining that Sam, along with Joaquin Torres (Danny Ramirez) recently secured some very important item, and that he thanks them. His speech, however, is interrupted by an old song that starts playing on the speakers. The song triggers one of the original super soldiers Isaiah Bradley (from The Falcon and Winter Solider, played by Carl Lumbly). He goes full Winter Soldier and tries to assassinate the President. All hell breaks loose and Sam gets involved, fights Isaiah, and then another person is triggered and comes after the President.

Action ensues with Sam chasing Isaiah who is throwing tables behind him and running and jumping like a superhuman robot. When the dust settles President Ross and Sam agree Ross’s inner circle has been compromised and either “you can’t see them, or don’t want to.”

That transitioned into a montage of action scenes including a moment where several bad guys are trying to stun Sam with electric prods, but he stops them with the shield. All the excitement ends with Ross saying to Sam “You’re not Steve Rogers,” to which he replies “You’re right, I’m not.” Cut to Sam in full, new Captain America armor, complete with Falcon wings, unfurling amongst the Cherry Blossom trees of Washington D.C.

Directed by Julius Onah and co-starring Tim Blake Nelson and Liv Tyler, Captain America: Brave New World opens February 14, 2025.

Image: Entertainment Weekly/Marvel Studios

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