RV Startup Enlists Pininfarina to Design the Luxury Camper of the Future

RV Startup Enlists Pininfarina to Design the Luxury Camper of the Future

Exotic, flashy RV makers are ten a penny these days, so if you want to stand out from the crowd of sleek interiors, electric power and chic small spaces you’ve got to call in the big guns. That’s exactly what American RV startup AC Future did with its tie-in with famed Italian design house Pininfarina.

For anyone not familiar with that name, Pininfarina is the house responsible for gorgeous cars like the Ferrari 288 GTO, Alfa Romeo GTV and even a handful of VinFast cars as well. Now, the company has been recruited to create a luxurious camper.

The camper in question is called the eTH and it’s been designed in partnership with automotive startup AC Future, reports Motor1. The eTH, which stands for Electric Transformer House, is a fully custom camper that’s roughly the same size as a Mercedes Sprinter van.

To maximize space, the camper comes with three pop-out sections: one at the rear to elongate the space and others on either side of the van. Together, these expanding areas take the van’s floor plan up to a whopping 398 square feet.

Inside that space are all kinds of smooth touch points and sleek surfaces, including a slick-looking kitchen filled with earth tones, and an expansive master bedroom at the rear.

AC Future introduces eTH, electric Transformer House, designed by Pininfarina

AC Future also says the van will work with both gas-powered and electric powertrains, and packed the roof of its creation with solar panels to keep all your appliances and gadgets running. There’s also a built-in water system that can suck in up to 13 gallons of water from the atmosphere if you head off piste or in the impending apocalypse.

Sadly, the vehicle is just a concept rendering for now but the company does have plans to bring this slick RV into production. According to its own timeframe, a prototype of the camper should be with us before the end of the year and pre-orders for the eTH could begin as soon as next year.

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