TikTok Is Going to War With Grifting Gym Bros and Conspiracy Theorists

TikTok Is Going to War With Grifting Gym Bros and Conspiracy Theorists

Is your TikTok filled with terrible content that you don’t want to see like TikTokers saying it was ok to stare at the solar eclipse? Well, those lovely people might not show up on your “For You” feed anymore after TikTok’s big policy changes take effect in May.

TikTok released an update to its “For You feed Eligibility Standards” page on Wednesday, and it lays out a lot of changes that will be implemented on May 17. What’s new in this update are more rules to tackle misinformation and a whole section dedicated to “distorted eating and body image.”

There were already rules against claims that there was a “secret society” behind certain events or false claims about unfolding events, as seen in this archived page from April 3. What’s new is the spreading of health misinformation such as the “unproven recommendation for how to treat a minor illness” and misrepresenting studies to support a different conclusion than the finding. The new policy also wants to stop the spread of repurposed media such as a big crowd at a concert that’s later purported to be part of a protest.

As for the body image section, TikTok looks to limit the promotion of harmful “weight management behaviors.” It points to extended intermittent fasting, exercises that are promised to help people lose weight quickly, and the use of certain supplements like anabolic steroids. The platform also will put its foot down on content that recommends elective cosmetic surgery without indicating the risks involved.

These changes come as Congress is fast-tracking a bill to divest or ban TikTok. The latest version of the bill is reportedly included in a legislative package that also contains aid for Ukraine and Israel, according to Bloomberg. It’s expected that Congress will vote on the legislation by Saturday.

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