TikTok’s New Photo Sharing App Is Here and It’s a Notes From Me

TikTok’s New Photo Sharing App Is Here and It’s a Notes From Me

Everyone’s favourite and most controversial video app TikTok has launched its photo-sharing app, Notes. And, it looks like another very popular photo-sharing app, Pinterest. 

We all knew that TikTok was working hard to create an Instagram competitor but maybe they got the brands mixed up?

TikTok has had a good run, it has forced Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook to pivot and be more video-led but Notes has shown that maybe every tech company has one good idea. 

Anyway, I decided to download the app and see what it looked like, similar to TikTok it has two sections: ‘for you’ and ‘following’. But, the slight problem is that when you link your TikTok account to the Notes app, nothing translates over, you don’t have followers and you don’t follow anyone, a massive L on TikTok’s part. 

Separated at birth? TikTok Notes versus Pinterest. Image: Athina Mallis/Gizmodo Australia

Not only does the app look like Pinterest’s long-lost cousin but it doesn’t even copy over your TikTok settings. At least Threads did that. 

Scrolling through the FYP for the first time I have a mix of posts, from inspirational quotes to cute outfits, and weird parenting tips. 

My profile already has my old TikTok photo posts preloaded but without the sounds. 

The Notes launch announcement was made earlier this morning via a Tweet (kinda ironic) with the company saying, “We’re in the early stages of experimenting with a dedicated space for photo and text content with TikTok Notes. Starting today, TikTok Notes is available for download and limited testing in Australia and Canada.”

The Chinese company said it ‘hopes’ the TikTok community will use this app to share their moments through photo posts. 

“Whether documenting adventures, expressing creativity, or simply sharing snapshots of one’s day, the TikTok Notes experience is designed for those who would like to share and engage through photo content.”

Still no explanation behind the name ‘Notes’ though. Notes also launched in Canada, no word on the launch in other markets.

Congratulations TikTok you’ve officially become a real social media platform because you’ve copied ideas off another platform. And congratulations to Pinterest, you’re still the most original social media app around. 

Whether or not this will explode in popularity is another question but if Threads is anything to go by, then expect chatter and then silence.

Image: Athina Mallis/Gizmodo Australia

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