Chris Jager is the former editor of Lifehacker Australia. He is now the Senior Reviews Editor at Finder. He has been a full-time tech journalist for 10 years with stints across Business IT, IT News, Good Gear Guide and PC & Tech Authority. A former high school History and English teacher, he specialises in computing, home entertainment, gaming, video production and globsters. Chris’ interest in tech began at the age of four via the rubbery keys of a ZX Spectrum. When he’s not fiddling around with various gadgets his hands are kept full by his rapidly expanding family of squalling children (three at last count!).

  • Disney Plus: Here’s The Australian Launch List

    What movies and TV shows are coming to the Australian version of Disney Plus? It’s a question we’ve all been pondering for weeks. As Netflix has shown, just because a title is available in the US doesn’t mean it will be appearing Down Under. Will we be getting the full Star Wars trilogy? What about…

  • We Test-Drove A Tiny Three-Wheeled Smart Car

    We Test-Drove A Tiny Three-Wheeled Smart Car

    A lot of people attend motor shows to see the latest and greatest in luxury sports cars. However, if you don’t care about torque or top speeds, there’s the Toyota i-ROAD – an insanely cute three-wheeled smartcar that’s only slightly bigger than a motorcycle. We took one out for a quick spin at the Tokyo…

  • The Most Useful Things To Ask Google Assistant

    Google’s voice-activated AI tool – AKA Google Assistant – is getting smarter and more useful with every new update. If it’s been a while since you used it last, you might be surprised by the huge number of tasks it can now help with. Here are 66 useful questions and commands to try today.