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  • More Footage From HBO’s New Westworld Reboot

    Westworld was once a movie, starring perennial baldy Yul Brynner. Now it’s about to become a HBO show. You are probably aware of this. But you might not be aware of this new trailer, which is longer, features more stuff and has gotten me pretty excited about this TV show again.

  • What A Gaming Laptop Decked Out With Two Desktop GPUs Can Do

    What A Gaming Laptop Decked Out With Two Desktop GPUs Can Do

    Nvidia recently gifted laptop gamers with fully functional GeForce 10 series GPUs. For those who missed the announcement, the big news is that Pascal brings GPUs with near exact specifications to laptops as their desktop counterparts. This is in stark contrast to essentially every other mobile GPU ever released.

  • Why The Original Xbox One Was So Goddamn Big

    Yesterday Microsoft released the Xbox One S. It’s pretty cool. It’s smaller, leaner, lighter — all the things you expect from a console redesign. It’s also technically superior. Apparently games will run with a 10 per cent improvement in frame-rate on the Xbox One S. Pretty cool. But the original Xbox One. That thing was…