• When Will Supersonic Passenger Planes Come Back?

    When Will Supersonic Passenger Planes Come Back?

    Last week, we delved into the history of supersonic passenger planes — how they were developed, when and where they flew, and ultimately, what killed them. We also enumerated the many challenges facing the future of faster-than-sound passenger travel: noise, fuel consumption, and potentially outrageous per-passenger costs.

  • Dyson Supersonic: Australian Price And Release Date

    Pre-orders for Dyson’s super fancy hair dryer are now open in Australia. From today you can put your cash down on the $699 Supersonic, which will hit retailers 9 July. We got hands on with the Supersonic at its launch in Japan this April, checking out its intelligent heat control to help protect hair from…

  • Meet The Dyson Supersonic, The World’s Smartest Hairdryer

    Dyson — the British company famous for its vacuum cleaners and Air Multiplier fans — has invested almost $95 million, enlisted 103 engineers, built 600 prototypes, and has over 100 patents pending, all into the creation of a hairdryer. It’s one of those things that doesn’t seem to make sense — and then, suddenly, it…

  • Here’s How The Wheels Of The Supersonic Car Are Made

    Here’s How The Wheels Of The Supersonic Car Are Made

    When you’re trying to build the fastest car in human history, like the guys making the Bloodhound SSC, you have to make wheels that basically re-invent the wheel. To reach 1000mph and go supersonic, the wheels they’re using weigh over 230 pounds, nearly 3 feet wide and spin four times faster than a F1 car.