• Justice for Lisa Frankenstein

    Justice for Lisa Frankenstein

    The lifespan of a movie these days can be very unpredictable. Take for instance Sydney Sweeney’s surprise hit Anyone But You (not Madame Web) and Pixar’s Elemental—two films which ended up getting legs after a few weeks of release. Here’s hoping that’s the case with Lisa Frankenstein, that it chops off some legs and runs.…

  • Tumblr Live Is Now Tumblr Dead

    Tumblr Live Is Now Tumblr Dead

    Roughly one year ago, in a desperate attempt to become profitable, Tumblr introduced a new feature called Tumblr Live. It was clearly in response to the success of Twitch, and allowed users to livestream anything (well, anything other than female-presenting nipples, of course). Being open to change of all types, and being supportive of Tumblr’s…