CeBIT: AME – Table goes up, table goes down



Spend a little too long at your desk? Of course you do. These tables will do your back the world of good, letting you raise and lower your desk so you can shift between sitting and standing over the course of the day. Even low enough to sit on a swiss ball or kneel now and then if that takes your fancy. It’s all about saving your back!

Your back, and your rat’s nest of cables too. The arms and legs have cable channels, and under the back edge of the desk you can add an electricals duct, where six power points can live so you only need a single cable running away from the desk to your outlet. Neat, tidy, sexy, smart. And Aussie.

These are made by a crew in Melbourne, and the tables start at $1900 and flow up to over $4000 with all the bells and whistles seen on this desk here. Plus they can do all kinds of customisations to suit your exact needs. My back is already trying to remind me to go order one now. More close up pics around the table after the jump.

[ AME Systems ]