CeBIT: Flash drives to fit your wallet

walletflash.jpgSmall is all well and good, but sometimes tiny flash drives are a nuisance. Where do you keep them handy? Wallet Flash is showing off their custom made credit card sized flash drives. Get them branded however you like, then keep them in a card spot in your wallet.

2GB was the biggest I saw there on the stand, which as far as general business needs go is probably ample space. Apparently the USB plug is double sided too, so the fact the card is pretty wide should never be an issue as you can flip it to get the best fit.

They’ve even got some options with MP3 player built-in, so you can rock out with your phones plugged into your wallet, a kind of pointer for potential thieves. They’ll probably be disappointed to find its a wallet, and not your iPod.

Official site [Wallet Flash]