CeBIT: PPC’s ID printer – ultimate fake ID kit?


PPC was an exhibitor in the ‘Supply Chain Management’ area of the show. Not exactly where I expected to find anything of interest, but the darker parts of the mind leapt into action when I saw this machine.

These guys do all-in-one ID card printers. Every part of the process ” magnetic stripes, photos, ID info, all that sort of thing. So you start with a stack of blank cards, and you end up with official IDs. Yes, it’s all in the name of business IDs, but if you had the dough and the creativity, you could have yourself quite the supply of ID to suit all occasions.

I’m just saying. I actually think that would be very dodgy. And illegal if you tried to do anything dumb. But it could be fun for the right joke. Or for starting an official cool kids club.