Forza 2 pre-launch race event: r u fast or furious?

hoyts-forza-comp-form_05.jpgThink you’re the business on a virtual race track? Xbox is organising a big one-night tournament to be held on the big screen at Hoyts Entertainment Quarter (aka Fox Studios), Sydney, on May 23rd. Get yourself signed up right here for a spot on the knock-out roster, with the final eight players showing their moves on the big screen in front of the whole crowd. All Forza 2 action too, three weeks before official release in mid June.

If you love this racing stuff, get your name on the list fast ” first 400 not only get the night of big screen racing action, but a sneak preview screening of ’28 Weeks Later’… sequel to the great Sandra Bullock film, ’28 Days’. Oh, sorry? Right. Correction. That’s the sequel to the zombie thriller ’28 Days Later’.

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