PMA 07: Paper and the web really don’t get along


A lot of the show has some spectacular paper on display. 100% cottons, watercolours, silver film, lightbox film, canvas. All for use in inkjets with standard inkjet ink (read: don’t go messing around with shitty 3rd-party inks here ” use the real stuff and you’ll get what you paid for).

But of course, I can’t really show you on a screen. I’ll do what I can, but this is about the finish, the polish, the texture. C’mon, reach out and touch it through your screen if you think you can.

Anyway, it’s all about the fancy coatings, really, that is how these gorgeous materials can be used in your inkjet even though they look compeletely incompatible. Like the fabric in the entry…

[ Stand in the picture is paper by Canson Arches ]
Local distributor [Kayell]