(PRODUCT) RED finally lands: buy gadgets, feel good

red-razr.jpgI’ve been waiting quite some time for this (PRODUCT) RED action to arrive here in Australia. It’s all about sexy new product colours with profits going to charity. Everybody wins!

We’ve got hot new colours of RAZR V3 (if you’re one of the eight people who don’t already own one) and an H500 headset from Motorola. Strangely, the (PRODUCT) RED Motorola action is attached to Optus – wouldn’t Voda be a better match? Or were they worried the colour would clash with the hue of their own red? Hmmm… Anyway, this is a bundle (RAZR + H500) going for $249.

My favourite is the RED iPod nano. I’ve been a nano hold out since I first saw this one pop up last year, and now I can finally succumb to the tasty red goodness. It’s in 4GB and 8GB, for $279 / $349.

More product pics after the jump, including a gratuitous David Beckham shot for the ladies.