Designer Alien Abduction Lamp

abductionlamp_cow_small.jpgDesigner Lasse Klein clearly has a sense of humour (no German jokes, he’s Nordic) and has decided to shine a light on the truth about aliens with his concept lamp which offers an accurate representation of an event happening with startling regularity. Yes, flying saucers steal our cows, and Klein’s explanation is that they are taking them to Mars to make hamburgers for Elvis, who is, of course, hiding out there. And why steal humans? Because aliens, as we know, have weird hands, so they can’t flip burgers.

Mystery solved!

The ship doubles as a light bulb housing, with light shining through the ship windows as well as down and out through the tractor beam. And I desperately want one.

alienabductors.jpgKlein asks for feedback on the lamp, and it seems ambiguous right now as to whether it will go into full production. I’d suggest sending a “for the sake of humanity PLEASE SELL ME ONE” message if you’re eager to have your very own beam of abduction-friendly light shining down on your own desk.

More, and bigger, pics after the jump.



The Abduction Lamp [via Crave]