The Shower Timer Eliminates Desire to Shower

shower-timer-p1.gifThe Shower Timer, by ShowerTimer, is a big metal box which you install between your wall and the neck of your shower head as a retrofit with (hopefully) no need for a plumber. It does what the product and company name suggest: you get so much time to shower and then no more water for you. Maybe you’re drowsy and still have shampoo in your hair? Sorry, champ. Only washed half the soap off? Well, you got a sink! The bad news is, either way you’re only getting 12 minutes to shower before the “discouraging” shower prevention period kicks in.The Shower Timer gives each showeree a maximum of 12 minutes–a figure the ladies in the household will no doubt love–with a preventive waiting period up to 2 minutes, meaning you won’t get any water at all. You set both times yourself. Basically, people using the Shower Timer will fall into two camps. The first guy will buy it believing that it will save him some cash on his water bill, but never set a preventive waiting period and just keep turning the shower back on. The second will just go to work half washed and pissed. The Shower Timer will cost both of them around $340 for the trouble.

Product page [ShowerTimer via OhGizmo!]