XtremeMac Luna Comp: We have a Winner!


Hundreds of comments were in the running, but there could be only one winner. Remember, judges decision is final, so don’t come crying to me telling me you thought your comment was much cleverer than theirs. We love you all, and we’ll have more prizes really soon. REALLY soon!

Thanks again to Powermove for their support on this comp. We, and I’m sure the winner, really appreciate it.

We’ll update this post very shortly with the announcement!

BOOOOM! Drumroll, please! The winner(s) are…

Top spot goes to Mick! For his short, sharp smart ass comment on the Indian researchers claiming they can build a laptop for $10.

hmm, so if India is going to supply the hardware, where oh where will tech support be outsourced to?!?!

Now that’s a smart mouth. Well played, sir.

We’re giving a runner up prize to slknv (Tim), who put a lot of thought into his hopes for the future of solid state, and a lamentation over the pissweak improvements in battery life over the years. It’s long, so we’ll just link back to the story.

We’re going to dig into our own pocketses and send a $50 gift voucher your way.

Thanks everyone! It’s been annoying spending so much time reading your efforts! Hope you’re pleased with yourselves!