Breakfast Wrap: Best of the Weekend

Here’s what you missed while you were off having a weekend instead of bathing in the glow of your beloved monitor…

Kit Spitfire’s for just $150,000!
Brisbane manufacturer taking the flying world by storm.

JVC introduces new noise-cancelling headphone line.
Something to compete with the lush but expensive Bose?

Record breaking dual-layer plastic solar cells.
Some call bullshit, others say this could be the revolution we need.

NTT DoCoMo getting set to test some 300Mb 3G.
But we’re not talking for use in mobile handsets.

60GB PS3 is isn’t is being discontinued, along with hardware PS2 back compat.
I’m still bitter we never got hardware back compat out here…

Up close with the Wiifit.
Some video of the fitness system in action.

World’s fastest residential Internet connection.
40Gbps. Whoooooomph!!!!!