Giveaway: 100 double passes to exclusive Sony showcase


UPDATE: Monday comp now closed. Go watch for Tuesday (or whatever day it is you’re poking around here.)

Next Friday, July 27, Sony is holding their “Sony. Experience More” expo, where journos and trade partners check out all Sony’s sexiest new gear. This year Sony has decided they’d like to open the doors just a little further, adding some invites to the list for a special 6.30pm session… JUST FOR PEEPS LIKE YOU!

Sony knows you’re the type keen to see all those ‘next big things’, so they’ve given Gizmodo Australia 100 double passes for any readers who can make their way down to the Sydney Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, to be there.

From Sony’s official schpiel, you’re going to get the chance to get hands on with all the latest BRAVIA, VAIO, Cyber-shot, Walkman, Handycam, PS3, and Sony Pictures gear, as well as some demos showing off new OLED technology. Plus free food, drinks, and entertainment. Last year Sony showed off the power of their 4K projection technology, which was worth the visit in its own right. No doubt there will be at least one big thing on show to rock your socks off.

Not a bad Friday night out for a bunch of geeks.

We’re breaking the giveaway up with 20 a day each day this week. All you gotta do is tell us what we want to hear in the comments below…Today’s mission: Give us your best impersonation of a total Sony fanboy/girl, but in as few words as you can.

We’ll just be picking the 20 that tickle our fancy – heck, there might only be 20, in which case you all win. Make sure you drop an email you check often so we can confirm your name details to add to Sony’s door list. Yeah, very VIP.