Hand Gesture Universal Remote

wii_control_for_tvwtmk.jpgAustralian scientists have developed a remote that sits by your TV and tracks hand gestures to operate your television, DVD player and up to 6 other devices (basically, as many as you can shake a fist at…heh).

A recent prototype is said to work in all lighting situations (a huge accomplishment as anyone who has used an EyeToy would know), and software claims to tell the intentional gestures from the real ones:

A clenched fist means “start”, an outstretched hand with closed fingers means “power on”, a thumbs-up sign means “up” and a sideways victory sign means “channel”.

We’re not entirely certain what happens when you give a friend the thumbs up, but at least the channel shouldn’t change every time you pick your nose. Look for the device being marketed in about three years, and probably being less efficient than the remotes we have now. [international reporter via therawfeed]