Watch and Wash: TVs for your Backyard

SunBrightTV has released a new line of all-weather outdoor LCD televisions, perfect for those times when you’re mowing the lawn or taking the garbage out but hesitate to detach your retinas from the TV screen. They’re available in 23-inch, 32-inch and 46-inch sizes (HD-Ready, which means you’ll need a set-top box to get that high-def lovin’).

The three models feature a super-bright 800 nits Brightness , and 1366 x 768 pixel image with 1600:1 contrast ratio. They also include a 10 Watt x2 channel audio amplifier and water resistant speakers. The screens are protected from rain, dirt, and debris by an anti-reflective, impact- and scratch-resistant window built into the enclosure. The user-friendly operating controls are also sealed against rain and moisture.

Pricing still to be determined.
Product Page [Herma Technologies]