Breakfast Wrap: Best of the weekend


Soup weather this morning. Too cold by far (in my parts, anyway). Enjoy the catch up.

Audi Type C Roadster: greatest pedal car of all time.
Yeah, costs more than your real car, but just look at the thing! Make mine man-sized!

Check if your 360 will die in one easy step.
All it takes is a camera with a flash and you’re set.

Battlemodo: The iPod dock FINAL.
Griffin Amplifi versus Altec Lansing IMV712!

Optimus Prime case mod stands near seven feet tall.
Breaks apart rather than transforms. Still awesome.

Desk made entirely out of LEGO.
Complete with seven drawers, and studs up top for more LEGO hijinks.

Gigantic match strikes a gigantic fireball.
15,000 matches died in the making of this one uber match.

NBC DefCon mole outed, chased from building.
Because it’s always smart to try and deceive a conference of hackers.