Breakfast Wrap: Best of Wedneday Night


Sharp unveils ‘experimental’ LCD TVs just 20mm thin.
I’d be worried it’s going to fall over, or blow away.

Rowing across Canada in a ‘road-boat’.
Let’s see them take on the Darwin-Adelaide run!

Google conquers the stars after fully invading Earth.
New Sky feature in Google Earth SERIOUSLY kicks butt.

Water chopper modded from Yamaha and Nissan parts.
Is it still a mod when you’ve created something genuinely new?

Dell XPS 420 Desktop leaks.
The news, that is, not the desktop. It’s rad.

Sony Europe releases PlayTV PVR for PS3.
Yay! That’s a PAL territory! Early ’08 launch.

Alleged iPod nano spy shot shows fat, big-screened nano.
They’ve apparently had a take down, but nowadays that would be a good way to improve the standing of your hoax. I hope they’re not this ugly… I JUST WANT A PROPER VIDEO IPOD!

Hands on with HP’s Windows Home Server.
Verdict: Great in unpredicted ways. Personally, I’m not sure if I want to reuse an old machine or get a sexy purpose built little server… though my ReadyNAS might get jealous.